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Commitees | Leap Alumni

Lend your creativity and expand your influence on one of the most influential groups in the community. Leadership Pensacola Alumni Committees are constantly in need of new ideas and leaders that can continue the tradition of excellent programming. Pick a committee and join today!

This committee is responsible for attracting new members and ensuring that recently joined members feel welcome and remain happy about their decision to join.
Committee Chair: Ryan Ross

The Membership Committee

  • Responsible for increasing growth of LPAA through the recruitment of new members.
  • Membership retention
  • Peer recognition of current members
  • Communicate benefits of LPAA membership to prospects and members.
  • Distribution of new member packets to prospects.
  • Work with Secretary on membership roster, adding prospects, etc.
  • Welcoming members/guests at meetings.

The Networking Committee identifies and plans social events for all demographics of LPAA by investigating and securing potential locations to host special events. In addition, the Networking Committee works with Marketing & Public Relations committee on all creative for event materials and publicity for each event.
Committee Chairs: Don Hanto/Jennifer Harrison

The Networking Committee

  • Provides networking opportunities between members and potential members.
  • Plans the Annual Meeting
  • Plans the Holiday Party
  • Secures locations for social events.

Education Development
The Education Development Committee researches and books industry leading speakers for LeaP kNights who are interesting, entertaining and can speak to relevant issues. Also includes developing a signature educational events for our members and the community.
Committee Chair: Kurt Larson

The Education Development Committee

  • Negotiate meeting location and food arrangements.
  • Coordinate with Marketing & PR on meeting announcements.
  • Retrieve RSVP’s for meeting.
  • Take photos at all events for PR and website.

Long-Range Planning
The duties of thLong-Range Planning Committee shall be to comprehensively review and make recommendations to LPAA concerning changes and improvements in LPAA. The Committee shall conduct an annual evaluation of the program and the policies and procedures.
Committee Chair: Cheryl Kirby

The Long-Range Planning Committee

  • Help the Committee chairs create and set goals that benefit the organization and it’s future
  • Work with the Fundraising Committee to develop a fundraising plan for LPAA
  • Work with the Membership Committee on membership growth

Sponsorship / Fundraising
The Sponsorship Committee recommends and solicits sponsorships for LPAA. The committee will define levels of sponsorships, work with individual event committees on sponsorship efforts, and explore sustaining sponsorships for LPAA. In addition, the committee will develop and implement strategies for attracting new sponsors, solicit targeted sponsorships and ensure sponsor benefits are provided and sponsors are satisfied with their participation; develops sponsor “thank you” initiatives.
Committee Chair: Open

The Sponsorship/Fundraising Committee

  • Work with Networking and Education Development committee to develop special event fundraisers.
  • Secures sponsorships for planned events.

ESCD/Chair Reaction Liaison
The ESCD / Chain Reaction Liaison works with both the school district and Chain Reaction to ensure all aspects of the contract are being met and to develop a long-term relationship with the school district.
Committee Chair: Open

The ESCD/Chain Reaction Liaison

  • Develops relationships with Counselors in each of the high schools in Escambia and Santa Rosa.
  • Works with the Chain Reaction Vista employee.

Marketing – Public Relations & Social Media
The Marketing Committee works with the local media to generate press and exposure LPAA with the goal of enhancing LPAA’s image within the Pensacola Bay Area business community while cultivating membership prospects. The committee will also oversee LPAA branding efforts both in print and online; works to develop marketing materials/campaigns promoting LPAA.
Committee Chair: Chip Henderson

The Marketing – PR Committee

  • Sends all press releases to Social Media/Website committee for inclusion on the LPAA website and Facebook/Twitter pages.
  • Communicates with members through social media, such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Prepare press releases to regularly promote Youth LeaP and LPAA.

Marketing – Website
Responsible for keeping our members informed about upcoming events, programs, special functions and general news. Ensures that information on the LPAA website is current.

The Marketing – Website Committee

  • Maintains and updates
  • Produces the monthly e-newsletter.
  • Distributes email announcements to the membership.
  • Works to keep email database current.

Youth Leadership Pensacola
The Youth Leadership Pensacola committee shall be responsible for creating curriculum for the current Youth LeaP class and recruiting volunteers to organize and chair specific curriculum days including the volunteer days and graduation.

The Youth LeaP Co-Chairs shall be responsible for putting together the Youth LeaP Curriculum Committee and detailed planning of Class Days and other activities during the class year, with the general outline of the Class Days prepared by the Youth LeaP Day Chairs.
Committee Chair: Scott Grissett