LPAA Membership

The Leadership Pensacola Alumni Association provides meaningful opportunities for you to learn, a place to keep up with the latest issues that affect our community, and a network of leaders for you to plug into.

As a graduate of Leadership Pensacola, you are invited to become part of a group of dedicated, respected and recognized professionals in the Pensacola Bay Area, expanding on the work you’ve done through your own LeaP experience and continuing within your own community!

Why Join Us

Membership is voluntary but the return on the investment in time and money is invaluable. Involvement in Leadership Pensacola Alumni Association will:

  • keep you engaged and connected to your classmates
  • link you to issues facing the community
  • offer access to key community leaders
  • help you continue your Leadership Pensacola experience
  • renew your enthusiasm
  • confirm that you can make a difference
  • improve your personal contribution to the community