Leadership Pensacola Alumni Association Membership is open to graduates of Leadership Pensacola, a 10-month leadership development program devoted to strengthening and dedicating our community leaders.

The LeaP Alumni Association gives leaders the forum for fostering discussion and sparking problem-solving while providing new views on how we can lead the Pensacola Bay Area to success. This priceless experience also provides the opportunity to enhance and share knowledge, network with more than 1,000 Leadership Pensacola alumni and impact change in our community. In order to offer you and your fellow Leadership Pensacola graduates this great experience, your financial support is vital.

We are entering into a new era of our LeaP experience and we hope you’ll join us on the journey. Remember the friends, the fun — what LeaP was all about? The Alumni Association is here to continue beyond your LeaP year. Nobody else will understand the path you have been on…except someone who has taken that journey as well.

To join us in the continuing journey simply click the button below to pay securely by credit card.

Membership Dues

Membership is $35.00 per year and supports the Youth Leadership Pensacola program.

The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30.

Dues can be paid online or by check. If you prefer to pay by check, DOWNLOAD an invoice and mail payment to P O Box 12585 | Pensacola, FL 32591-2585.

As a $35 annual supporter or a $500 lifetime ($850 lifetime couple) supporter, you can assist in ensuring the LeaP Alumni Association thrives. To become a lifetime supporter, please contact SEAN QUIGLEY for more information. Benefits of your support include funding the Youth Leadership Pensacola program and access to LeaP alumni information.

As a Leadership Pensacola graduate, you have shown your commitment to leadership in the Pensacola Bay Area. We know you cherish your Leadership Pensacola experience and we encourage you to continue your journey by supporting the LeaP Alumni Association program.

Alumni Member - 35.00 USD per 1 year - Ongoing.
Annual Dues
Alumni Member - 500.00 USD for Lifetime
Lifetime Dues
Alumni Member - 850.00 USD for Lifetime
Lifetime Couple